Smart Rings

Smart Ring with NFC Technology



A smart ring is a wearable electronics device loaded with mobile components like sensors and NFC chips that are used for a variety of applications, mostly tracking daily activities and as a peripheral tool to support mobile devices. This makes smart rings a nifty alternative to smartwatches and fitness bands. But smart ring applications go beyond monitoring steps or as an extension of your smartphones.

The R4 Smart Ring is a multifunctional RFID smart ring and a successor to the R3 model. It can simulate contactless RFID cards such as your access card, membership card, parking card, and shopping card. You can also program the ring as a travel pass or a car key.

In addition, the ring’s NFC module enables it to serve as an extension to your mobile device by recognizing virtual calls and scene notifications. The R4 Smart Ring can also share notes, business card details, and other cloud-based information.

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep-tracking smart rings keep tabs on sleep patterns, including how much sleep you get, sleep disturbances, and how much time is spent in the different sleep cycles.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness smart rings can monitor daily activities, including the number of steps taken, distance traveled while walking, and calories burned. 

Smart Key

Taking the smart ring off your finger locks the door or halts access. This makes for a great security system so no one else can access your home, car, office, gym, or anything that it’s connected to.

R4 Smart Ring

JAKCOM R4 Smart Ring

Contactless Payments

With a contactless payment ring, you can tap-to-pay transactions below the local floor-limit on Visa and MasterCard contactless payment terminals globally. 

Remote Control

Most smart rings have capabilities that allow you to control your smartphone and other devices. Whether it’s to set alarms, receive message or call notifications, or control music, smart rings are a great tool to minimize your screen time and increase your productivity.

Transit Pass

These smart rings are essentially stored-value cards (SVC), keeping the monetary value of the travel fund readily available without any third-party support of credit or debit accounts or network connection required. 

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